Blogs, romans, songlyrics and all written words…..

Voor/jou/For You too: Iedere roman vertelt zijn eigen verhaal/waarheid. Voor eventuele scepticussa?: At least MY name is NOT Thomas? Just tootsing my thinghs onto the Bible, where i knew I would start and I knew / know where I would end. You dont live forever : Time flies! ???What? Thank you Servants and thank YouMeer lezen over “Blogs, romans, songlyrics and all written words…..”

The Cross another part…

Some red wine by Sophia George: 0:15 : Thank You Sister! 0:21 : Focus! Girrrrrlpower! Girlpowerrrrrr ! We are simply led by One love. I believe in that. And the what the man said in the background: We girls are led by One Love. Mind my grammair here. we believe in Love! NoMeer lezen over “The Cross another part…”

Yoko Only: Only the lonely….

This Pina Jones’ Corner blog is under construction!!! Meanwhile….at the other side of the world…… :   Wow! Yoko’s ‘New’ Song! Ze zingt het liedje: I will go away smiling……Part of her act. Part of her whole show she created…. All my Fanmail in one: I feel betrayed….John is betrayed by you. John isMeer lezen over “Yoko Only: Only the lonely….”

Next episode…

They will follow: Thnak you bro I got my spies of love. Glam slam No bullshit anymore: Thank you mem!!! I am here: Thakyo I am running SORRY Pinajoenes is running out of love??? Ok better Go ahead: For any reason…UYeah i do it all fo love . It upMeer lezen over “Next episode…”

Under constraction…My own healing rein….

Sorry beetje ongeordend hieronder mensen maar sorry mensen ik zet het later op de goede volforde voor jullie. I need a break!!!   This is where I am   and this is where my fans???\no: Friends!!! People!! Stop that!! Ok Opnieuw! and this is where my friends are:???\: Ja zoeken jullie het verder zelef evenMeer lezen over “Under constraction…My own healing rein….”

All my Fanmail in one.

This site is under contruction! Welcome At Pina Jones’ Corner! ‘Sites met http krijgen vanaf nu de melding ‘Niet beveiligd’. Bron: Google, 2018 ‘Sites with http will now receive the message’ Not secure ‘. Source: Google, 2018 Click all the links in this site with CTRL and mouse click at the link at the sameMeer lezen over “All my Fanmail in one.”