1.: Pride U2:

Because of Freedom for my people and because I have the same dream as MLK.

2.: John Lennon Woman:

The best John Lennon song. Yeah: Plz remember your life is in my hands dacht Chapman. Het vrouwelijke aspect dat Chapman hier in zichzelf zag is mij nog steeds een raadsel. Be careful what U wish for: Kijk maar “I’m losing you”. Net zo’n ironische song. BTW don’t any other ever call me woman coz I’m a man!

3. Valotte Julian Lennon:

You know there’s something wrong? Yeah bro! Your damned right. But so what?

And besides: Let me be too!

4. Tom Petty won’t back down:

Omdat ik niet bang ben! Get back? Nog niet bang gast!

5.: Julian Cope world shut our mouth:

You know there’s something wrong? Yeah bro! Your damned right. En waarom mag ik de tekst niet op zetten?: World shut your mouth!: DONT judge! Criminals may be criminals but most of all they are HUMAN. maybe you don’t agree maar daar heb ik geen boodschap aan.

6.: Eight wonder I’m not scared:

Omdat ik een man met een mission ben. Een actieve activist. Amnesty keep up the good works. I fight with you and I am not scared. Besides, My Free Mark David Chapman Passion has nothing to do with my Amnesty Passion!

7. :Pet Shop Boys Opportunities:

Well, hell yeh! I got zeker the brains!

8: Pet Shop Boys West End girls:

Sorry mean girls:I forgot to give the argument for this one. Maybe later. So later bitches!


Gush/Beware for my tears in the way/form of…..? You know who you are and this one’s especially for you.

10.: Waterboys: A Girl called Johnnny:

Nope. Nice try but I’m Chapman too.

11, Chicago I’m a man:

Never call me woman! I’m ashamed to be a woman.

12: Macca Coming up:

Hoe weet je dat Macca?

13. : U2 Where the streeet shave no name:

Cherzez la femme gast ! Hint: Where the streets have no name and her name is kind of Gloria. Still haven’t found? Magnificent!: Attica state! Magnificent! Impossible: If Gods will send His angels. Still haven’t found?: Love is the weapon.

14: Fleetwoodmac Everywhere:

Universal love is all around, everywhere. Zie het en pak het. Je hoeft het maar te pakken.

15: U2 and BB King When love comes to town:

Watch out bro I speak this language of love. Don’t stand so close to me: Beware of me I will catch you with my drops of love, catch you and you can’t escape. You think you alway have to chose ? No baby no take me as I am or you loose!

16.: Fleetwood Mac:

I will follow no matter what.

17: U2 I will follow:

Love is the weapon.

18.: Josee Hoebee I willl follow him:

Doe dat Josee!

19.: U2 van Diemansland: In the City of the blindig lights in van Diemens land.

20: Culture club do you really:

Chapman? Look me right in the eye when I tell you that you emotionally damaged me by your crime and don’t look away! Dare to play this mental chess with me. If I ever have enough money to come visit you in jail i’ll do it to play this mental chess with you. I’m not scared. A prison is not scary for me. Even not the Green Haven Correctional facility!I promide you propoganda when you do this eye to eye duel with me!

Gepubliceerd door Erwina H. alias Pina Jones

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