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Hi everyone,

I wanted to keep this secret as a secret conversation between Him & Me but now Michael is dead I see it as my duty to publish for the INXS fans.


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Ook gerelateerd:

From the lyrics of mine called: “Thanx to ‘Original Sin’ “:

“…There you are,

little baby born in time of war,

bring this world peace and more…”

And remember this was a lyric I gave to Michael in 1991.

Later on (1993? or else it was 1992) INXS came out with the cd : “Full Moon, Dirty Hearts” where on the song:

“Make your Peace”

From this song is the next phrase: “….Cut your teeth and make your peace, that’s what you ask for…”

What a coincidence, don’t you think so?

I also gave the lyric of mine: “Thanx to ‘Taste It’ “.

The next phrases are from that:

“….I will be thankfull too, a bit for it

‘cause if there’s a sweet taste instead of this,

then I don’t know the things I miss”.

So this was a lyric of mine I gave to Michael also in 1991.

While on the cd “Full moon, Dirty Hearts” is the song: “Please, you got that need” where in is the next phrase :

“…You think it’s easy ‘cause you don’t know the feeling…”

Again (NOT) such a coincidence!

I don NOT think I’m the only One here who interpretates this as coinfendence here but because of I really DON’t believe in coinfedence I really do think that’s the Hand Of God ‘coz God uses people as an instrument.

You don’t have to believe

it’s how/the way

….I see it.

A very sweet song here;

I wanted to keep this secret before Michaels was dead but, now Michael’s dead, I think it’s my duty to publish.

Teksten gegeven aan Michael Hutchence in 1991:

Thanx to “Make Your Peace”

(populair version uncompletely)

The sun is shining

for you and me

tell me

what’s the news you bring to me?

It’s all old news

that what you’re saying

Yes, I’ve heard

you loudly playing

To let a baby born in this time

I think that that’s just a crime

But maybe there’s something it’s good for

so go ahead; Tell me more!


Is a Question the Question?

Love the rain

Like the sun

A running train

Funny fun

What’s the answer?

Is often the question

But why don’t we say

What’s the question?

Are we so sure then

‘bout what just the question is?

‘cause if you ask the wrong question

then the answer’s surely a miss


Just Looking As Well

You hear voices

Don’t be lead by them

in your choices.

You can deceive

all you believe

‘cause the things you believe in

come to truth

just for you

Freedom takes you deeper

Crazy things make you higher

Oh! Come on!

Don’t play the ball

soft to the keeper!

Searching for apologies

deep in your mind

I will tell you

Before you are honest

You will never find



Thanx to “Freedom Deep”

Listening to you singing

takes me higer

-you singing “freedom deep”

takes me much higher

although I do not agree

The lyrics don’t seem okay with me…….

But that’s the writer’s freedom

The writer’s freedom which is taken him


Thanx to “Cut Your Roses Down”

Listening to the music

of “cut your roses down”

I think just for now I listen

in this damn old dirty rotten town

Even in this dirty town

they sell the music of a crying clown

Even in this old, dirty rotten town

you got the things to make you down.

although the same clown

can make you smile as well

‘cause the only thing to get that done

is just to ring the clown’s bell


Thanx to “The Messenger”

You call yourself a messenger

What a shame

You call yourself a messenger

Don’t you think it’s strange.

So; If you are a messenger

What do you got to tell

just write that down at “the messenger”

and you wrote “the messenger” as well.

In fact now I’m talking after

but I told you before as well

and when things happen there

then you can be the one to tell

(the story-s-)

You call yourself a messenger

Well Al right, if you think so

You call yourself a messenger

Well, now you are; You know?

Thanx to the Word-eaters 2

The summit of negativism

is to think about

the end of rock ’n roll

The summit of negativism

is that song, the way you call

that, you know;

To others:

Can you see it all?

Can you follow it all?

To everyone:

So if you can’t be positive ‘bout things like this

You can fall!


Thanx to “Please, you got that need”

You are so alone, I can tell

if you are as helpless as well

You just better ring the bell

ask for help, ask for it, more

A bell is next to a door

Ring that bell if you think I(=you) can’t

-do it alone.

Don’t waste time by useless spent

in your room of your hotel.

alone and helpless, all as well

You’re not independent of no-one if you think so

Oh no; no no no

Play the clown, act your show

Don’t hesistate when you decide

but when you think it’s your need

to go

handle immediatly so.

From the letter I gave Michael Hutchence of INXS with the lyrics:

(“……Sorry Michael, I don’t mean to say you have to follow your thoughts about suicide yourself with this lyric, but this way it rhymed better.

If you ever ever just decide to commit suicide just, then I’ve given you my answer in mediate part 2, right to find in this enveloppe too and my meaning of it that I think it’s much self-pity to surrender to your doubts about it and I also think it’s a very selfish thing to do. But I won’t stop you, ‘cause it’s it’s your decision, so I have to apprecciate, but it should feel to me like a very selfish decision. I allready read your doubts about it in the lyrics of “Guns in the Sky” and other earlier hits. I hope I’m not right…..

Remember if you think like that whom all love you……)”

Looking to You

Lying takes you higher

‘cause you are a lyer

do I have to believe

that you ask about deceive

and you being upset

‘bout things that are said

when we met

‘cause at that time you were glad

and smiled ‘bout things said

You are a creep like that?

Then forget

we’d ever met!


At the Psychiatist

What kind of answer you’d like?

Some in the way of “entertainment bike?”

I haven’t got that ones on commend

she said, while she wrote them with her other hand.

“Well”, follows the psychiatrist, while she walks

“…”I think we should have still more talks

A talk is only a talk

After it you walk

away, so let’s have more talks)”.

All right, the patient says

I have tried all the ways

So ask me every question

At least, if it’s not about fashion

What kind of answer you’d like

some in the way of “entertaiment bike?”

Just then, watch out, ‘cause now I’m strong

If I tell you now:

I haven’t got that on commend

-I won’t be wrong

Thanx to “I’m Only Looking” 4

Yes, I’m looking

got eyes for that

Yes, I’m looking

does it make you feel sad

…..or something?

Well, have a visit at the psychiatrist then

if you think like that

‘cause you know I’m only looking

‘cause I’ve got eyes for that………

Psychiatrists, they will welcome you

just with open arms, yeah right

and if you think one talk will do

The psychiatrist will give you a light.

a light in the darkness, ‘cause you can’t see

now, there’s darkness all around you

So you seeing other people looking makes you angry

‘cause it’s not really what you can do.

And because of the psychiatrist needs money

He tells you: “Untill the next time honey”

and you? Poor little naive one

before you discover he uses you

with the money he’s gone.

Open einde.

Gepubliceerd door Erwina H. alias Pina Jones

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