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Backstage @ INXS

( Noot van de schrijfster): Niet alle linkjes in mijn WordPress Artikelen zijn geupdated. De linkjes die nog NIET werken zijn vooral de Tallsay/Plazilla linkjes). https://Tiny.One/BackstageAtINXS Hi everyone, I wanted to keep this secret as a secret conversation between Him & Me but now Michael is dead I see it as my duty toMeer lezen over “Backstage @ INXS”

For Julian Lennon This blog is Under Constraction……

Free Lyrics For Julian Lennon 2. This is One: This is the short URL for this wordpress article you read right now (SHORT?: LOL!): https://Tiny.One/ForJulianLennon): and this is Free Lyrics For Julian Lennon, 2: (Vrijwaring van rechten) voor Julian./(Indemnification of rights for Julian). I LOVE YOU FOR YOU: I MADE YOU LYRICS THROUGH THEMeer lezen over “For Julian Lennon This blog is Under Constraction……”

Woman Is The Nigger Of The World.

If you agree with it or not It’s a love lockdown for all us Friends! Let me explain some to you allready by now which how I know and you will understand/realize these words later! I know just by a feeling! Oh ‘You’: coz’ DON’t be scared folks everything’s gonna be alright! Just a FEELING!Meer lezen over “Woman Is The Nigger Of The World.”