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Just a message to my kinds of people…..To the Jensen Show and so :

Geplaatst op februari 17, 2020door Erwina H. alias Pina Jones

Wij zijn dapper: Robbert Jensen ? Ok!: Call us little ones enzo but the empire strikes back:

Wij zijn dapper quicitita  things and so: Ja hoor : tuuuuurlijk!: At least, ik ben dapper. Even voor  mezelf spreken anders wordt niet getolereerd;

Follow this feeling: Jensen.nl :


Mag ik mezelf zonder enig gevaar voor mijzelf een kaaskop noemen?: Ok!: En de rest!:

Ik leef niet meer voor JOU!!!! :

-Do you know John Lennon?

–Yeah sure. Not personally! : LOL! And yeah I feel it/that too.

Sounds and Feels all sooo similiair:


Ok I am a real DIE HARD ‘FAN’! I choose for the fan down/upgrade for 7, 77 a month. Just let me know want ik  heb de automstische incaso’s nog even uitgezet. Mag ik also for 7,77 per maand mijn eigen keiharde Jensen truth live talkshow enjoyen TOO? Yreah U2! And thank You and you, meervoud ) (mind the/my grammar): Thank You and you, Robert Jensen and friends and to all other of His real Servants.

My love is your love: Wie aan mijn vrienden komt, komt aan mij; You are my kind Jenze I am realy without fear now but to be hones…..how about you Jense? Jensen? En ja de ku(s)t is veilig. LOL! RememberJohn ? Yeah : Safety first!

Angry Johnny is up here: Love is a battlefield love will find a way somehow. Legendaric!: In the end we nearly all are all One: One Love; Love rules! That’s why: She’s got the look! Roll on en write down all your memoties and vooral: Simpy just archive it all!!! Thank YOU mem and men!

Glam Slam thank you mem you really made AND still make my day. Close to you I can feel you I see your true colors OK Die zit!: See me feel me touch me heal me: I feel a van Rossem here. Ok Mr I feel that/I can feel that and yes I can and by that I got: Yes WE can. Whats up? Nothing it all? Really not a problem with me !:

Calm down Friends! Wait for me and slow down. Shine Your light THRough me Jeus shine your light onme and shine Your light also to you (meervoud/grammar) Jesus. Love is all around me: I can feel that…I can see that….I can filter murderer by that Yeah I fell you your ar e up to no good. It’s a sin! Tis is emant cynicical and yes; I use the newest slang here.

We are on a joyride here too. I warn the bad people: You can kill poeple but you can’t kill love. Too much love with defenatily NOT kill you cause Love rules. Love is stronger then pride, stronger dan, murder/murderers, other crimimnality and whatever: What doesnt ‘kill’you; makes you stronger cause Love rules forever and its even stonger dan dead/death/ilness cause love reigns forever. The dream is simply NOT over. And WE ALL know simply by Love-feeling/: Notice this: Feel the love. Here’s my love back haters en especially my love for the lovers. Run ! haters …: : run:

In one word I call the bad people: “Haters” and tell the haters: Run Haters, Run!: You should have known better with a power so called love. So Run Joe run. En mijn goal/’nekschot’ voor that certain ‘Joe’: Wie aan mijn vrienden komt komt aan mij! OK!: No money no pride stick your finger in your eye: Johnny angry jonhny They say: Oordeel maar: Yeah they say/do!: Je weet zelluf man! Je weet zelf! Angry Johnny ! LOL! And….Perfect and thumbs up and by the wink of Marie of Roxette thanks to all that real friend(s) ones too:

Yes we can…..Too good to be forgotten. Leg alles vast wat je schrijft, publiceert en archiveert. Yes we CAN! So far so good:: Safe enough Je bent binnen en ja: Ik leef niet meer voor jou en ja dat is de waarheid: Verraders slapen niet. But…I am simply NOT sleeping (n)either. Yeah you can call me Youdas but my real name is Paul Hewson and my band. One band: That’s my real middle name: You’re my kind : I spread my wings and fly simply by : You stole my love fom me.

Ok thats one eyeopener and I will give you only eyeopeners back but hey it s too bad but that’s me and i am sorry for the words I forgive allready? You dont’understand me: Get out of my way! Just enjoying my trip: Get out of my way : Get out of my  sight!: I mind you Voxx: I tell You Get out of my way!!!!: Get out of your own way! Yeah!: That’s reall my cup of soup! : (This is new slang people/universal): Focus! Too good to be forgotten! Would I lie to you? Strangers in the night! Sometimes you can ’t make it alone: This one”s for me: You are not alone!

Love won’t tear us apart again……How dare you?: https://youtu.be/XWJkqUV96ik Ok : https://youtu.be/eFaBFtB8qPg Hasta la vista baby! I will follow! : https://youtu.be/g2BqLlVHlWA Give allittle bit and yeah we did. These are simply lessonos in love. https://youtu.be/ekzCDMah6h8 0:02: Hallelujah: Amen!: https://youtu.be/ljIQo1OHkTI Amen!Pina Jones komt naar je toe deze zomer!!!What’s goin’ on on on??? Slow down brothers slow down sisters: Hihi  hi :This was a message from me: There: I’ve said it!;  You can have it: You can have it: You can have it ALL!: My tears in the crying rain:

And yeah my cries: https://youtu.be/GvNcfZ_kN2I?t=67 You know better!

I can FEEL that and I can see that? They need a little time or did/do they need a half past mile?: I can see that: At least  : I will follow and you:  U2 met jullie achtervolgingswaanzin….LOL! And yeah! WE are that followers. Dont let the brasteds grind you down. Yeah but dont bring ME down (again) too then.That st oo bad but thats me some lenny kravitz lines in here  now:Ok!:How about: We are the molls?:Zoveel te doen!!!:https://www.youtube.com/pinajonesMorgen om 11 uur is de premiere van mijn new video on it!:Het moet niet gekker worden:

Ok Whatever it takes!:https://youtu.be/26ELh7P2ZtA?t=36 Focus and Do not wink at me again !Never loose your focussing:https://youtu.be/26ELh7P2ZtA?t=98

I see you loose your focussing!!! I told you never loose your focus!: Ok in that case : Mystify…ME? Thos sounds REALLY like John and me should Macca say!Mystify ME !Not really? Yeah? Van die dingen ja? !!! Ja!!!!! :Make that the cat wise!

Never for nothing: I am your personal bodyguard! Your  love is my love!

And by that :My love is your love too!!!Amen! It’s Britney Bitch!

Dont call us we call you ! Shut up Britt!: Amen!NP at : “PiensCorner”: Toon Hermans met: ”Wonderkind”.Thank you for nothing Britt! Life’s a bitch! Karma’s a bitch…. yeah… if you are a bitch….

I am on a vacation at Belfast now. N-joy this trip….N-joy this trip….and is izzzzzzz a trip! Welcome to the club! Joint the club! I dont wanna be a soldier…I dont wanna die…..I go to party : The dream is NOT over …… and… We go to party!!!!! Yeah! LOL!In the city….of the blinding light there where the streets hac no name there is a party girl. You must know that I am not alone U2 Praise Him! I do! Constantly! I need to go to my bed…I go to sleep……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz LOL!And yeah…We’re going to Ibiza;

Ah yeah….. Ah yeah……Continue to fade out….

Gepubliceerd door Erwina H. alias Pina Jones

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