Free them Bevrijd hen

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Met dank aan God/ThanKX to God and friends….. :

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All credits go to……the various.
No copyright infringement intended.

Met dank aan God/ThanKX to God and friends…..

R U Kidding Me?/All we are saying….. :

The world is ready now for peace and love!:

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Hey it’s my BirthDay, huh? Yeah!: They say it’s my BD!!!


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You can trust me ; I’m your murderer but you can trust me : TRUST me, TRUST ME!:

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R U kidding me??:

Ik voel(de) een grimmge sfeer om mij heen/Safety first or Freedom first?:


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Niet Omdat Ik Het Zeg

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All The Best With Love from me Uw DJ Pina Jones to you.

Van Inkel and Stenders are gone? YOOOO! Hij ken!!!!!!!

Pinaaah in da house!!!


Deze playlisten zijn in bewerking!/under constraction! Slow Down World!: Cool down! Get Real! :
Life is NOT a game ……Relax! Plz….Cat? Nobody knows who’s right! Stop this political fight!

Free them! They are human beings… my Amnesty poem for that. You can have it; You can have it too U2, You all!

How I know? Just by a another re-flex signal!!! Question ???? Yeah! My answer I got here: That’s what friends are for……
Oh! Joyfully……happiliy…..respectfully…..I think I really made my point now! Can I go no? No? What’s your point? Oh whatever it is or might be :
That’s YOUR problem! That’s all folks! Thank you friends! You know there’s NO problems ; Only solutions!:

My ThanKX in advance!!!

(You’re just MY inspiration…en yeah….I know in the/some…….of Your love song(s)? I am Your inspiration yeah (too)? Yeah!: ! And I just know/am so sure Because ……I gotta the feeling!: (A) feeling inside so strong)!:

Tekst over politiek van mijn hand met vrijwaring van mij om die vrij van rechten te gebruiken voor U2 en U2 alleen!:

Free Them.

Free them, them conscience-prisoners;

Free them, free them all.

Free them, nobody know’s who’s right;

Free them, stop this political fight!

Free them, those people.

They are human beings;

Human beings who need justice-right(s).

And which they DESERVE!

This is just discrimination;

If this is the truth in 2020,

what will be the next “station?’…… :

…….You better stop this now

just when it’s still possible;

…….I mean;

-before your (own) situation gets horrible.

‘Cause do you think it all stays the same

and that people will think fit this?

Then you should know that it’s a shame

of believing in the”rightness” of this.

Don’t do to another…

…..the things

… shouldn’t yourself like to be done.

…..Perhaps you don’t bother but….. :

……If this is all what you can….????

Old Poem of Pina Jones.

All credits, of the song U2 makes of this, go/goes to U2 coz’ I don’t want no money, (I am rich without money), no WRONG pride, no credits I just need to have myself more RIGHT pride ‘coz’ I need to believe in myself too want ik heb nu nog een minderwaardigheidscomplex en ben nu nog heel onzeker…zodra ik van mezelf kan/leer houden kan ik pas ECHT mijn liefde naar anderen ook uitstralen.

‘Let Your Love Be grown’ becomes now :

‘Let Your Love Be Known’ here for me now and Let Your Love be Snown now!!!:

I just love you ALL!!!!!!!

Dear lies!!!!!!!


And all my playlists:

Also A Playlist from Pina Jones:

And Yeah!: I know the battle just begins!!!

But I got Lust for Life!

And I like it now and I like it raw!:

Waarom? Gewoon omdat ik daar zin aan heb!!!

Have a nice day with Bono and the the band U2:

And yeah it’s gonna be……

Oh kan ook!:

Have a beautiful day with your band Bono and your friends like me:

Join in U2:

Hmm just semiliour sounds here in this article of mine. And I know that’s right coz’ things are universal.

That’s all for today folks!

Gepubliceerd door Erwina H. alias Pina Jones

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