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Maar nu eerst ….het vervolg:

0:17 : Je hebt altijd muts boven muts Caro!
Of muts boven het mutsje dat Caro heet.
Ik ben de muts boven en Lientje is de muts onder! LOL!
Lach niet Pinaaaah!!!! Soirry : Did we miss a verse or sth? Yeah! Sorry!
VERY sorry John Lennon and our Friends!!!! But I’ll keep op dancing!
Time is on my side/site! Heh heh! You got it too? : WHOEHAHAHAAA
That feels much better for Pina Jones! Sorry for laughing here? Not at all!
Wow!We zitten weer op 1 lijn!
Toch? Tell me about it/her?
Music sounds better WITH you Rob! Frustratieballetje!: Het is maar een spelletje!!!
En ja……a ik word binnenkort sneller met good timing than/as you!
Why can’t you be a man about it???…..And…..You got it!
ThanKX to Kim Wilde! WOW!You can call her sexloos!!! I am happy single but at least:/maar flirten moet kunnen.
En mijn lijflied:
I will never even fall in Love…with somebody elses lover….maar flirten moet kunnen….Can you take it over here Lientje? Big thanKX!
And to Rob again : I don’t think you can handle me!
How to dismantle an atombomb? Let me be by: Let it be/Let me be me and
Ok je vroeg erom Rob Stenders:
This is to you!
Why can’t you be a man about it …and set me free!:
Enteric? Good for you! :
Ik bombardeer je met SWEET EMOTIONS!:
I know I m not wrong Say you’re wrong? Simply not!
Ok genoeg!: Ik ga je torpederen met ‘sweet’ emotions:
Zeg niet dat ik je niet gewaarschuwd heb Rob! :
Frustratiebal! Zo kan ik het ook! I got friends too!!!
Wait for me? No! Simply enough!
Thank you Caro Give Rob the final Trojan Horse for me!
Get off of my cloud Rob: watch for DJ Delicious Pina Jones here:
NOW it”s MY turn:
Correct me if I’m wrong!:
I am here; No more lonely nighs…some music to sex on?: Okay!: Fine brown girl? Fuh You! :
If it makes you happy?: At least me! : Put it there:
You got it too by this one!!! YOOOO! WOW!!!! :
We’re Sgt Pepper’s after party show …we hope you will N-Joy the show!
Yeh we did! We want more! We defenitaly want more of You! :
Did we miss a verse here or sth? Yeh! Sorrry!
Here it is john!:
Nobody told me…..that this is language…..
VERY sorry John Lennon !!!
Daddys work is never take a sad song ….
Nobody told me…. there be days like these……
Hmmmm Well Well Welll?: Okay  This one:
Very Sorry John and Yoko and friends….but: The dream is NOT over!
The dream is simply NOT over!!!!
It’s just the beginning: It’s not the end:
Yeh! Tell me!: This is meant cynical!!!!:
0: 22:
Ok ! Klare taal! Kan ik ook! Vervolg van :
Oftewel deze blog die je nu leest:
Zie ook reacties !: 
Can I go now?
No? Ok You asked for it: Ok !
Klare taal! Kan ik ook!
Vervolg van :
Zie reacties op wordpress post  too?
Can I go now? No?: Okay! :
This one’s for you!!!:
( I told u)?
Okay repeat refrain Pinaaah!:
My heart will go on and on forever…..Sail away …sail away….sail away…..
Just fading like a flower…..Rob.
Yeh! Me too!
Show MUST go on but I really need a break : Can you forgive me?
Oh happilly, joyfully! What have I done to desserve this???
We are sooooo Happy!!! Keep the people working :
This is how we do it!:
Free as a bird and yeh!: ‘She’ Elvis Costello and Macca!!! ;
Is dat alles? Can I play with madness???
You’re gonna get your fingers burned?
Simply not coz’ there’s the eye in the sky. Using new slang here.
Willen jullie aanvullen? Ja! Spoor ze maar aan hoor! Spoor ze maar aan! Doe ik toch?
Go on continue like that!
Okay rock on AJ: It’s never for nothing!!!
Doe maar net alsof to/naar  bepaalde iemanden :
(Met een zekerheid!: Zie reactie hieronder later bij deze blog):
En dooorrrr… ;
Ja ik kan me ook dom houden maar ik vind dat geen mentaliteit en
ik zal mijzelf  nooit verlagen om dat zelf, hetzefde bij anderen te doen.
Dat is niet zo mijn ding.
Taal is zeg maar echt mijn ding ok???  Ja Okay!
Taal voor de leuk ja!
I agree to disagree.
Klare taal?
I don’t think you can handle me….Nog meer klare taal?:
OK Wiggle that whotsit
I simply agree too agree.
This is NOT meant cynical.
What de world is waiting for?:
Waar ben je bang voor?
BANG? That’s not MY style !
Opgeven staat NIET in mijn woorden boek [Pina Jones,…1993…]
en BANG ook niet!!!
CRASH BOOM BANG?: Not at all!!!
Ik ben niet bang : Ik weet allang!!!
That’s the way aha aha I like it!!!
This is/: It’s
from my bright brain and I tell it to you !
Don’t go shouting to her and to him
and DON’T go running for coke to Jim!!!
Respect somewhere here!!!
Hihi Ik weet een vies woord:
Ondertussen ! LOL!
(Just a pracital joke in between my work….That’s the way it goes……
You might loose your religion but not me! Not us….WE believe in love!
Born to make you happy:
Story of a new born love……
I miss a verse here…..Who cares?? Hmmm…With a little luck …Friends????:
Yeah there’s one:
To someone in the crowd?: Okay!:
The Bullied Preston and Syreeta song!
Till it happens to you?:
Just another day?
Born to make you happy!
You see ? I gotta fight for my rights!!!
Lady Gaga tell me too!!!
For the scepticca:
With love…..Yours sincerely/sincerely yours…..Erwina.
Amen  !
#PinaJonesSpeaking : Wie aan mijn vrienden komt, komt aan mij!!! Begrepen? Respect!!!! #Amen #Amen! And now Pina Jones is completely party-ing!!!!

Over Erwina H. alias Pina Jones

Hi there.
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  1. I do I do I do I do I do van Eddie Brickell. LOL! You know better dude…..THIS is to you: I say dude to myself jealous gay…..Dry your eyes mate …Put it there……Go on; …continue like that…..Schorriemorrie van me: Did I miss a clue or sth.? Oh no ! Yeah!: To all haters!: Betrek niet alles of jezelf and/or stop the jealousy can do that for ,e: Going through your emotions seeems to be the hardest there is…..everythime you’re to score but only seem to miss. Ja ze gaan al stempelen…..Bad…Better….worst? (New slang) ?: Okay Did we miss a verse or sth? Yeah: I am using you Sorry? VERY SORRY from ME, Pina Jones!!! Draai het om? Okay: Verder alles goed Rob Stenders? En ja….veel muzikale cultuurbarbaren around here…….: Let it be! Je weet zelluf man: Je weet zelluf!!!

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